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We use the most accurate and versatile body composition measuring device on the market, the InBody 770!

The InBody 770 is the latest body composition measuring device that offers the most accurate measurement results on the market. The InBody measurement gives you versatile and detailed information about your body composition, such as muscle, fat and fluid levels. For example, tracking the starting points and changes in dieting or building muscle mass with the precision enabled by InBody is very motivating and interesting.

The method is based on conducting a very small electric current through the body along several different pathways (from the hand and foot electrodes). Tissues and fluids affect the flow of electric current. Based on this, the composition of the body in its various parts is analyzed.


The price of the measurement is 25 €. (15 € for our members)

Book your own time by e-mail or come to the measurement during the information opening hours! 

AS A RESULT OF MEASUREMENT  you get e.g. these  set of values:
  • Total weight (kg)

  • Lean body mass (kg)

  • Muscle mass (kg)

  • Amount of adipose tissue (kg)

  • Fat percentage (%)

  • Body fluids / water (intracellular / extracellular) (l)

  • Weight control target (kg)

  • Muscle balance (arms, legs and middle body)

  • Half differences in limbs

  • Waist / Hip Ratio (WHR)

  • Segmental muscle distribution (arms, legs, middle body)

  • Basic metabolism (kcal)

  • Body Mass Index (BMI)

  • Body cell weight (kg)

  • Phase angle of the body

  • Visceral fat (the area of fat around the viscera)

  • Measurement history (if you want to compare the results of several measurements, try to do them under the same conditions)

-you are pregnant
-you're sick
-you have a pacemaker or metal in your body
BEFORE MEASUREMENT (Detailed instructions here )
-Book for yourself  light clothing
-Remove watches and jewelry
-Not eat for at least 2 hours 
-Do not drink large amounts of water
-Avoid strenuous physical exertion
-Avoid visiting the sauna
-Avoid heavy alcohol consumption for at least 12 hours before measurement
-Visit the toilet just before the measurement
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